This technology could revolutionise the accommodation sector and put your business at the forefront.

You can now entice your customers to choose your establishment over other competitors by providing your guests with allergen-free bedding.

Here is how the three step process works…..

1st The HYGIENitise system utilizes a combination of low grade radiation (UV-C light, the same light used to kill Anthrax Spores), high frequency vibration and incredible suction to remove dust mites, their eggs and faeces, fungal spores, viruses and other harmful bacteria embedded in every mattress, regardless of its age or style.

2nd A completely natural anti-allergen spray scientifically formulated to neutralise proteins created by dust mite faeces is lightly applied (It also neutralizes other forms of odour too).

3rd Lastly, an all natural relaxing and refreshing scent is applied that encourages a wonderful nights sleep. The mattress is dry and ready to be dressed within minutes.

Our sanitising process will not only benefit allergy sufferers, but also provide significant benefits to others as well resulting in a better nights sleep.

We would love to have the an opportunity to show you how our system works by doing a FREE no obligation allergen test on one of your mattresses.

All we need is a few minutes of your time. This way you will be able to see first hand just how many unwanted guest are occupying your rooms.

The service is very affordable, with generous discounts to the commercial accommodation sector.