Mattress Cleaning Gold Coast

Welcome to HYGIENitise Mattress Sanitising Solutions, the premier Mattress Cleaning Gold Coast company.

It is a fact that you or a member of your family could be one of the 10 million Australians that suffer from some kind of allergy. The odds are the culprit may well be the millions of dust mites that have made a home for themselves in your mattress and are feeding on the skin flakes we shed every night.

Millions of microscopic dust mites have been medically proven to trigger a whole host of allergic reactions like asthma, bronchitis, eczema, hay fever, itchy red eyes, headaches, sinus and more.

Dust mites produce guanine, a combination of mite droppings and their saliva. This combination produces a very toxic substance. Latest medical evidence points to this as the dominant cause of most allergies.

It doesn’t matter how new a mattress is, how often you change your linen or even if you take time to vacuum it once in a while. Dust mites are deeply embedded inside your mattress. It requires a clinically developed, scientific and professional application to remove the enemy within.

The entire HYGIENitise process is a dry, chemical free service with no odour or drying time.

Here is how the three step process works…..

1st The HYGIENitise system utilizes a combination of low grade radiation (UV-C light, the same light used to kill Anthrax Spores), high frequency vibration and incredible suction to remove dust mites, their eggs and faeces, fungal spores, viruses and other harmful bacteria embedded in every mattress, regardless of its age or style.

A completely natural anti-allergen mist scientifically formulated to neutralise proteins created by dust mite faeces is lightly applied (It also neutralizes other
forms of odour too).

Lastly, an all natural relaxing and refreshing scent is applied that encourages a wonderful nights sleep. The mattress is dry and ready to be dressed within minutes.

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