Hygienitise Solution

The scientifically proven HYGIENitise Mattress Cleaning and Sanitising process is an all-natural, chemical-free, dry treatment procedure that effectively removes and destroys dust mites, fungal spores, bacteria and other harmful debris found in all mattresses.

It is a completely non-invasive and totally safe and effective way to disinfect any mattress, regardless of its age, size or style. The process we have developed is merely an extension of the same methods that the medical profession has been using for many years.

Like many medical breakthroughs, Europe has led the way in bringing this safe, chemical-free, dust mite and allergen eliminating process to the people. Europeans have been cleaning and sanitation mattresses for years with now more than 4000 dealers performing tens of thousands of mattress cleaning and sanitising services every week. This explains why they don’t have (or need) as many Allergy Doctors per capita as we have in the Australia.

When it comes to most common allergies, it’s very likely that a dust mite infested mattress is the cause. A clean mattress can make a tremendous difference in the way we feel, however if allergy symptoms persist, seek the advice of your healthcare professional.


HYGIENitise’s® Mattress Cleaning System is based on a powerful, specially engineered portable cleaning device that generates incredible suction and high frequency pulsating waves, combined with a germ killing UV-C light* to pulverise and extract the dust mites and other harmful debris that have accumulated in the mattress. The older the mattress is, the worse the contamination.

It doesn’t matter how often you change the sheets or even if you’ve tried vacuuming the mattress yourself, there could be millions of dust mites along with other harmful bacteria and contaminants deeply embedded.

There’s only one safe, chemical free way to clean and sanitise a mattress properly, the HHYGIENitise® way. Our equipment is state of the art and our service and support is unparalleled.

UV-C LIGHT is germicidal – it deactivates the DNA of bacteria, viruses and other pathogens and thus destroys their ability to multiply and cause disease.

Specifically, UV-C light causes damage to the nucleic acid of micro-organisms by forming covalent bonds between certain adjacent bases in the DNA. The formation of such bonds prevent the DNA from being unzipped for replication, and the organism is unable to reproduce. In fact, when the organism tries to replicate, it dies.